Seafood suppliers can now be found by buyers more conveniently than ever. By opening up a southernlandfoods company profile you will be instantly accessible to seafood buyers, who can find you with just a few clicks of the mouse. southernlandfoods enables distributors, importers, exporters, processors, traders, and wholesalers to greatly increase their web presence and further expand their market reach.

southernlandfoods cuts through the information overload and provides seafood buyers with a single destination to procure seafood. Buyers can easily search for specific seafood products, identify potential suppliers, research their offerings, and select the best supplier that matches their needs, all on one site.


About the team

We are a young team of enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneurs with years of experience in online branding and the seafood industry.
Our mission is to give buyers the ability to source the best seafood from the best companies anywhere in the world.

One-Stop Sourcing for Buyers brings you thousands of companies in major seafood categories ranging from Finfish, Shellfish, and Value-added seafood.

Sustainable Seafood

We promote sustainable seafood by giving buyers the ability to search for suppliers that are certified by major sustainable seafood organizations.

Anytime, Anywhere

As a service we continue to develop services to help seafood buyers and suppliers establish new connections and more opportunities to increase their business.


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